barbara findlay is a lesbian human rights lawyer committed to advocating for the rights and freedoms of queers and transgendered Canadians. Over the last 30 years she has brought together the forces of feminism, anti-oppression learning and community activism into a distinctly professional and compassionate legal practice. barbara is no stranger to adversity; raised in a time when being gay was either illegal, closeted or diagnosed as a mental disorder, she was one of the first lawyers to practice law openly as a lesbian and took on precedent-setting cases in gay adoptions, family law and discrimination suits. In 1995, barbara findlay was involved in one of the most famous transgendered rights cases in Canada, when she represented Kimberly Nixon who was asked to leave Vancouver's Rape Relief when the organization discovered that she was not born "cis" gendered female. barbara continues to work on a variety of queer human rights issues, such as the safety of transgendered kids in schools, gender identity on passports and the Trinity Western University's homophobic code of conduct. This documentary explores barbara's life with her humanizing approach to explaining the law to those most marginalized by it.

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