After Isaac (Dillon Tucker) gets his best friend Jimmy (Jeffrey A. Baker) involved in a bad gambling debt, the two dejected best friends must come up with twenty thousand dollars within 24 hours. Facing no other options, they rob the gas station they work at and head to Las Vegas to double their money. Along the way, Isaac can't control his exuberance for life and ends up spending their money on the excesses that only Vegas has to offer. The guys are left hopeless when two call girls steal the little money that they have.

While hiding out in the desert in the outskirts of Vegas, Isaac and Jimmy learn a lot about themselves, their friendship, and the lives they want to lead. It is here that they leave their shadowy past behind them and take their first steps from youth to maturity.

Based on the award winning play, That Side of a Shadow is an explosive character and dialogue driven film that questions our relationships and how a life of excess will eventually catch up to you.

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