Beyond the boundaries of established alpine sport, Speedriding is redefining what is possible in the mountains. A hybrid of speed-glider parachute flight and skiing, it allows the athletes to ski treacherous, previously inaccessible terrain; places where deadly cliffs and crevasses mean that an aerial exit is the only way out. Developed over the last decade by a handful of pioneering pilots and mountaineers in the European Alps, this film follows American Jon Devore, the world’s foremost human flight specialist, on his ambitious mission to bring speedriding to the high peaks of the Alaska Range and show the world what this mind-blowing sport is all about. Human flight visionary and Alaska native Jon Devore is one of the world’s most experienced skydivers, aerial stuntmen, BASE jumpers, and wingsuit pilots but his need for speed has its origins on the Alaskan slopes he grew up skiing. The discovery of speedriding allowed him to combine his passions and presented the possibility for Devore to realize a lifelong dream: skiing North America’s most remote and imposing peaks. To prepare for the most ambitious expedition of his career, Devore travels to Europe to learn about speedriding’s short history and rapid evolution as well as facing the inevitable human costs of a new and dangerous sport. Devore must also assemble an elite team for his Alaska mission, recruiting American air-sport ace Andy Farrington, master rigger and developer of their experimental equipment and fearless Italian skydiver Filippo Fabbi, Europe’s foremost speedriding pilot. Experienced and determined, the crew sets their sights on Alaska, embarking on a trip that will take Speedriiding to the next level and change the way we see mountain sports forever.

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