In the tradition of American Pie and Van Wilder comes a comedy that takes you through love, shows you about loss, and teaches you never to drink blue punch! Helen Mcnicol (Tania Raymonde of TV's LOST) a beautiful girl who, along with her friends Trish (Kristin Cavallari of TV's THE O.C.) and Katelyn (Rumer Willis of THE HOUSE BUNNY) attends Dover West High learn about the legendary “Bang Book,” a list kept by the school football team that documents their sexual conquests and is passed down from year to year. Helen is skeptical that her perfect boyfriend Stan (Ryan Merriman of FINAL DESTINATION 3) would be a participant – however she isn’t completely convinced. After sneaking into the boys locker room to read the book and discovering that all of their names are listed, the girls make a pact; not only will they not have sex before graduation, but they will make the guys pay for what they have done. Their plan comes into full swing as the clothes come off, the heat rises, and the girls show that revenge has never been sweeter!

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