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Barbados native David Kirton is an emerging modern root reggae singer with an exciting CD entitled Stranger on RAS Records; he holds the distinction of being only the second non-Jamaican artist distributed by renowned label. His singing style crosses Barbados and Jamaican influences and screams exoticism, his voice has a sweetness that makes the lyrics readily acceptable, making you cling to every haunting word. The singer began in Barbados entertaining for neighbors & friends at his modest seaside home with his band Rainbow Country. He compiled tapes of the band's best work and by 1995 was ready to explore his chances.

Dedicating himself totally, he quit his job, and finally left his living room to perform all over Barbados. The constant gigging developed his skills at a rapid pace and he's now the consummate performer. Ready for the next step, he started laying tracks of songs he had composed helped by Chris Allman at his Slam City Studios in Barbados. They completed the project in Jamaica to get an authentic flavor; with the help of Mikey Bennett, and musicians the stature of Cat Coore, Kirton's first CD evolved into a marvelous fusion of Carribean and Reggae.

David majored in Languages & General Studies at Barbados Community College in 1981. In 1982 he studied at the New School of Language and Business, NHS in Switzerland, and in 1986 Kirton attended London England's School of Audio Engineering. Kirton's fluent in German, and speaks French & Spanish, but best of all, he possesses the talent and charisma to make his musical choice the best decision he ever made. ~ Andrew Hamilton

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