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Born Jesús Emmanuel Acha Martinez on April 16, 1955 in Mexico City, Emmanuel has been popular in his native country beginning in the mid-'70s, noted for his ballad skills and his ability to convey subtle emotions with his voice. (These are best heard on Íntimamente, his landmark album from 1980, that featured a parade of hits.) A pop star through and through, he's also celebrated for fearlessness in expanding his musical boundaries, drawing from a variety of sources including soul, R&B, and gospel. Emmanuel is also known as a perfectionist in the recording studio, making sure that he works with only the best songwriters, producers, and engineers. His popularity crested in the 1980s, although he has recorded and released hit albums during five decades, from 1976's 10 Razones Para Cantar to 2015's Inédito. His son Alexander Acha also became a celebrated singer. ~ Sandra Brennan

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