The CS Home App makes your daily life easier and safety by taking control of your home.

It can manage your lights, windows, doors, heats, alarm systems, garden sprinklers, television, fire alarm and much more.

It is possible to create personalized scenario to automate all your daily activites.
You can automate for example:
switch on the Nespresso machine at 07:00 AM
simulate the presence during absence switching random lights
switch on the radio at wished time
automate the garden watering according to the weather
recevie a push message when the postman put a mail in your box
receive an email if the garage is open after 23:00 PM
see your camera directly in your phone or tablet
and much more else

You can use it at home or from remote with your smartphone or tablet.

CS Concetto Sicurezza can drive you in the complete set up of your home automation and security system.

For information:


Versione 2.3

- It is now possible to add controls to the Home Screen, making the Home Screen effectively the same as any other screen.

- Screens can be added to any control screen, not just the Home Screen. This allows you to create a hierarchy of screens

- Window blind controls now offer a ring / slider, for motorized blinds that support partial opening / closing (delete existing blind controls and re-add them to make use of this feature).

- Window blind controls can be made horizontal (this makes more sense for curtains)

- Added support for uPnP rendering control/Volume (used by the Denon plugin and others to control volume)

- When opening the app, it will return to the last open control panel, even if the app was stopped completely (unless you have set a specific screen for the app to open)

- Added an Action button that will take you back to the previously visited screen. This can help navigating screens that can be accessed from multiple other screens (through Action buttons). To create a Back button: add an Action button, select "Previous / Next" type, and select Back as the desired action.

- You can copy the visual characteristics of one control to other controls, to aid in quickly applying a new look to the HomeWave interface. To use (in edit mode): double-tap the control to be copied; it will be highlighted. Then tap other controls to apply the color, style and background images of the highlighted control. To stop copying, tap the highlighted control again.
NOTE: this feature is somewhat experimental: save your work often when using this. Also, keep in mind that different types of controls have different properties, or a property will have a different meaning when applied to another control.

- Added Refresh interval (optional) to Web tiles.
- Temperature unit override has been removed from individual controls, and moved to settings for individual Vera gateways
- Font size adjustment now works for Screen buttons
- Fixed an issue with new lock PINs receiving an incorrect PIN id (affected Yale locks)
- Fixed issue with blank controls, where the label would be line wrapped despite the control being wide enough for the label text. If you have labels like this, delete the control and add it again to apply the fix.
- Fixed issue with Action button causing a crash when trying to select a Vera Gateway in the button properties.
- Font size adjustment range increased from 0.5-1.5 to 0.5-2.0
- Today screen widgets not showing the right temperature unit
- Web tile. http, https should now work, self signed certificates should be ok, and basic authentication will work.

To add sub-screens to screens, simply add a "Control Screen" type of control to your screen, same as you used to do on the Home Screen
To navigate between screens and sub-screens: Swiping down on a screen brings you to the parent screen. Swiping left/right will send you to
any other screen that shares the same parent.
To switch to a (sub)screen from a screen other than the parent screen, you can use an Action button.
On iPads, the app has (optional) navigation buttons (previous, next, up), to help navigate through the screen hierarchy

Valutazioni e recensioni



App di facile utilizzo, completamente personalizzabile e veloce all'apertura! Bell'App!!

Home Automation


Great app for Home Automation!

App personnalisable à souhait


Bravo pour cette application qui est personnalisable à souhait pour notre Box Vera et la domotique! Continuez sur la lancée ;-)


CS Concetto Sicurezza Sagl
18.8 MB
Richiede iOS 5.1.1 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Francese, Inglese, Norvegese bokmål, Olandese, Svedese, Tedesco
Classificazione: 4+
© 2013 CS Concetto Sicurezza Sagl


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