Take your camera-equipped iPad back in time with a full-featured steampunk 4x5-inch field camera. FieldCam is about having great fun while taking great photographs!

* Glorious steampunk interface
* The Time Machine lets you pick from eight different epochs each with their own visual identity (some colour, some B&W) from 1855 on
* Spot or multi-zone exposure metering
* Control focus and spot-metering points-of-interest independently
* Optional framing grid to help you keep your verticals and horizontals where they should be
* Lockable focus, exposure and white balance
* Nine colour and B&W photo filters, with level control
* Optional real-time preview
* Optional image flip, for a true view camera experience
* Optional Night Mode allows long exposures in low light (<1 second)
* Correct proportions reflect the 4-inch by 5-inch* viewfinder (1.25:1, rather than the standard, unnecessarily stretchy, 1.33:1—perfect for printing at 8x10!)
* Period-styled photographs provide a true, sharp, grunge-free vintage feel: these crisp photos look like they would have when "new"
* 5X digital zoom
* Saves straight to Camera Roll
* Review your photographs and share them via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram—or open them directly in an editing app
* Full in-app user guide
* As always, Jag.gr's full-service technical support

If you think your iPad might be a tad bulky to use as a camera, just marvel at how much slimmer and lighter this "steampunk" alternative is when compared with an *actual* Victorian field camera—and how much more capable!

Built on the same core technology used for Jag.gr's groundbreaking iPhone app 645 PRO, FieldCam gives you the chance to take great photographs with your iPad, while having great fun!

* On iPad 2 and later, the viewfinder is exactly 4x5 inches. On iPad mini, the viewfinder is smaller, but in proportion. On the big iPad Pro it's, well, bigger...


Version 3.11

* Night Mode now works properly again...


Michael Hardaker
22.7 MB
Foto und Video
Erfordert iOS 8.1 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPad.
Kennzeichnung: 4+
© 2011-2016 Jag.gr
CHF 2.00


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