What is it like to be a house dog staying at home alone?

Destroy and wreck everything at home with House Dog Survival Simulator 3D! Are you bored? Just break stuff to find something to eat! Great dog simulator in 3D for all animals’ lovers!

Stay at home and misbehave! Explore house finding a food to survive or destroy and break stuff to have fun! Being a pet is fun! Be a varmint house dog and enjoy the power of destruction with House Dog Survival Simulator 3D!

Are you tired of usual dog simulators? Try amazing pet simulator in 3D! Feel like a house dog staying at home alone and wreck, destroy and crash stuff just to entertain yourself! Sometimes pets might be varmints! Try yourself as a real house pet with House Dog Survival Simulator 3D game! Do you know what your dogs do when you live your house, huh?

House Dog Survival Simulator 3D features:

- Be varmint pet – explore the house as a dog, wreck and destroy stuff and try to find food to survive
- Maintain health, energy and hunger rate of your varmint dog
- Great animal survival simulator in 3D

Do you like dogs or other house pets? Play House Dog Survival Simulator 3D! Animals might be a real varmints! Get to know what your pet does while you’re living your home! Ultimate animal survival simulator for everyone!


Geimz Banner Netvork, OOO
73.5 MB
Richiede iOS 6.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Vietato ai minori di 17 anni.
Frequente/Intensa violenza realistica
© Geimz Banner Netvork, OOO


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