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Mac App Storm: "Easy QR generator with lots of creative design options." 10/10

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QR beginners do not need any guide to use this professional tool.

iQR is an easy way how to breathe life into the world of squared QR codes with unique graphic styles. With generated QR code you can customize its roundness, unique graphics style, color style, shadow or even a logo within few clicks. iQR also takes care of customization of control points and error levels which are a must for good readability of your QR code. All this is exportable to clipboard, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP or SVG,PDF. Customization effects are preserved with the transparent background (PNG,TIFF,PDF,SVG). Now it is time to say astalavista to classic QR codes.

What can I do with iQR?
•   Generate classic & customized QR codes without internet connection.
•   Customize the look of QR code. (12 QR graphic styles, roundness, 8 Eye graphic styles, 6 colors overlay styles, shadows... )
•   Save entire project for later use.
•   Create Multiple custom QR codes (batch processing generator,bulk generator). Perfect for e-shop and real estates. (In-App purchase)
•   Drop and customize your logo (support for semi-transparent PNG,TIFF images, SVG/EPS logo support).
•   Embed logo with 4 overlay options.
•   Import contact from or vCard file
•   Immediately see if your QR code is readable
•   Control the QR code output resolution.
•   Ensure readability by highlighting control points.
•   Enhance error level of QR code.
•   Shorten web link URL inside application (,, - dynamic URL).
•   Copy QR code to clipboard.
• Support all common formats (PNG & TIFF & PDF & SVG with transparency option, JPEG, GIF, BMP). DPI options.
•   High resolution output image (up to 4 000 px).
•   Print QR code with advanced printing options.

Dynamic QR code generator
•   Print it and change website in it later
•   Shortening domain ""
•   Lifetime validity
•   Change content as many times as you want

What you get with iQR?
• New graphic styles in upcoming updates.
• Customer support available through our website.

Need to generate QR codes from your Contacts in Bulk? -> Try our new Contacts to QR codes application.



Version 1.9

New feature: Print QR code change URL info later (Dynamic QR code generator)
QR verification now provides better results
Snow Leopard again supported!

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4.8 sur 5

40 notes

40 notes

Is really helpful


The five stars are meant as encouragement to go on for an allready very good app.

Some suggestions for 2.x
- more vcard options, like custom labels for phone numbers, and as many email with labels and phone number as needed.
- split save button in save, save as (iqr format) and export.
Sorry if this part seems greater than the praise. It is because I like it that I make them.

This App is really good!


There are plenty of similar tools, however, this is the first one I found, that has no obvious bugs, countless design variations and it lets you store a QR code in a data file format, that allows you to reopen it, make further changes, save it again, etc. Many other tools don't do that, once the QR code is generated (and saved), you start from zero, if you just want to make a minor change. This means entering all your data all over again. Not with iQR! A really well done piece of software.



Very useful on your paper documents as an immediate link, with surprising color effects and logo insert. Great app.


6.3 Mo
Graphisme et design
Français, Allemand, Anglais
Classé 4+
© 2012 Marek Hrušovský, Jakub Škopek
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