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Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDF reader designed for researchers, students, and knowledge-workers.
Make your own fully-searchable library in seconds, read and annotate your PDFs, and collaborate with others in private groups. Sync your library across all your devices including Mendeley Desktop, where you can easily cite your research as you write in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.
• Read, highlight & annotate PDFs from anywhere
• Sync annotations & documents across all your devices
• Save PDFs to your Mendeley library from other apps or your web browser
• Use Mendeley offline during your commute, and sync when you have connection
• Search your library for keywords in the Title, Authors, Publication or Abstract
• Edit document details (Title, Authors, Publication details, etc…)
• Download or remove PDFs on demand, to easily manage device storage space
• All features are available on your Tablet or Phone
"What [Mendeley] are up to is boldly innovative. The Mendeley team is attempting nothing less than changing the way scientists conduct and share their research." - Wired


Version 2.15.1

Bug fixes.

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3.1 sur 5

7 notes

7 notes

Very useful but please include more annotation options


I really like Mandalay, it's one of the most useful Apps for researchers and students. However I miss an important functionality: Could you please implement the possibility to export highlighted text? If I open the PDF in PDF Expert or any other PDF Reader my highlightings and annotations are missing. It would be so great to be able to export the highlighted text in order to create a personal summary of the paper available.

Far too limited!!


First off: I love working with Mendeley Desktop which has served me perfectly through my MA thesis and now for the exams. But the mobile versions are far too limited to be useful.

- Highlights and notes are not synced.
- There are no sorting options.
- There are no possibilities to really work with the document (like highlighting, notes, etc.)
- There are no possibilities whatsoever to edit the document details. It's not even possible to add a document to the favourites.

It's sad because the Desktop App is really useful for scholarly work. However, the iPad version is just a PDF reader and not even a good one. Therefore, I stopped using it. GoodReader offers far more functionality and enables me to really work with the text. Since the service should be used by scholars, I have to say that the app utterly fails to deliver value for this target group.

I'm really hoping for a major update soon!

Very good app!


I really like the whole suite of Mendeley software. The integration is very neat!
One feature request I have is the possibility to copy latex citation on both iPhone and iPad.
Using an iphone and an wireless keyboard is a minimalistic latex writing setup for which this feature would very useful.


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