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"MultiTimer – as its name suggests – goes somewhat further by offering multiple options."
- TechRadar

"Whatever the scenario, MultiTimer can handle it without getting complicated, erring firmly on the side of simplicity."
- TechRadar (Apple Watch app)

MultiTimer is a versatile and easy-to-use count-down and stopwatch timer-app that combines a very elegant user interface and powerful features.

The app has no ads, mess or unnecessary steps - everything is clean, clear and consistent.
 You can create multiple different timers and customise them by naming, colouring and giving timers their own icons and sounds.

MultiTimer allows you to run and reuse timers for anything what’s happening in your regular life: cooking chicken, doing some laundry, cleaning the house, taking a quick break during a busy working day, giving a minute to your favourite book or writing an article, playing chess or timing quizzes, or even carrying out therapeutic treatments.

Multitimer at a glance:
• Clean design and streamlined UI.
• Dark and Light style to choose from.
• Customizable boards and layouts to arrange the timers.
• Different types of timers run side by side.
• Countdown duration is up to 100 days in minutes, seconds and hours.
• One-tap functionality: one tap to start/pause/resume/stop.
• Wide range of useful and essential features.
• Simultaneous run and control multiple timers.
• Journals to track time of running timers.
• Widgets, iWatch app and complication support.

More features:
- Multiple boards for setting required number of timers.
- Layouts with a suitable arrangement of timer: Adaptive, Fixed, and Flexible.
- A set of Countdown timers, Quick timer, Count-up timer, Pomodoro, Interval timer, Stepped timer, Stopwatch, Lap timer and Counter.
- Options for copying, deleting and moving timers.
- One-tap functionality: start, pause, resume, and stop with a tap.
- "Time" and "Date" options to specify duration.
- Counting down in days, hours, minutes and seconds.
- Counting up in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours and days.
- Indication of an "overtime" period for the completed timers.
- Editable titles and labels. Changeable colours.
- Adjustable sounds, alerts and notifications.
- Change settings and add extra time to running timers.
- Timer startup configurations: "Delay start" or "Adjusted start" .
- Customizable "Commands" to start, pause and stop multiple timers at once.
- Journals to track time and actions of all your running timers. CSV export available.
- Viewing timers in a separate screen - Fullscreen Mode.
- Export boards to transfer boards and timers to another device.
- Today Widgets: Multitimer interactive widget and widget for Active timers.
- Siri integration and x-callback-url support.
- 3D Touch to control timers using pop-up menu.
- Apple Watch app and complication.
- WebShare function to display boards and timers on PC via web browsers.
- Notifications with action buttons: Terminate, Restart, and Snooze.
- Options to set up auto-lock and icon notification badge.
- Alerts don’t interrupt music playback.
- Runs in the background.

Some of the listed features may be part of the Pro version, and therefore are not available in the free version of the application.

We always welcome new proposals and suggestions, which you can send to or via the option "Send Feedback" in the app Settings.


Version 4.5.1

Thanks for using MultiTimer!
To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store regularly.

Latest Updates:
● Fixed the 3D Touch functionality of the "Start break" button in the Pomodoro timer
● Added the option to display a total time for interval timers in the watch app
● General bug fixes and performance improvements

Recent updates:
● Timer Lock
Added the feature for locking of the timer for protection against accidental tapping (enabling in a single timer view mode, using the "Magnifying Glass" button).
● Snooze Function
Added the "Snooze" function to the Multitimer notification, which allows you to get notified on the completed timer again after 9 minutes.
● Indicator of Completed Timers
Now, in the side menu, the title bar of the boards has got both the number of running timers and the number of completed timers.
● Sharing Board Journals
The function allows you to share the journal of the board with the data of all the timers located on it.
● Modified Notifications
Notifications sound the same continuously when the app is open or the app is closed. The maximum alert time is 5 minutes.
● App Volume
Added an option to adjust the volume of the app and timers in the app's Settings. Go to Side Menu > Settings > Sound.
● Total Time
Interval timer displays the "Total time" remaining for the entire timer and the interval time elapsed.
● Timer Settings Button
When adjusting the settings on a single timer (using the "Magnifying Glass" button - Fullscreen mode), the timer settings buttons has changed locations. It is now located at the top right-hand corner of the window, to the right of the board title. When viewing a board with all of the timers on it, the board settings icon will remain in its current location at the top right-hand corner of the window.
● Stepped Timer
We decided that the "Pause between intervals" option in the Interval timer settings would cause some inconvenience with adjusting the system of timer alerts. That's why we designed the new type of timer - Stepped timer. This is actually an interval timer, which allows you to set up a set of sequential time steps with auto-pausing between them.
● Interval Selection
Use the "Magnifying Glass" button (Fullscreen mode) to discover the new button to control steps of the Interval timer. It is located at under the timer, next to the "Pause" button.
● Skip Interval Function
Now you can skip the current interval and go to the next interval. When viewing a single interval timer (Fullscreen mode), this option is located under the timer control buttons and looks like a string ">> interval label".
● Support for x-callback-url functionality
More details here -
● Removing a Board
Added the button to remove a board. It is located in the Board editing panel.
● Fixed an issue when the color of the added Interval timer was different from from the set color
● Fixed glitches that appear when you attempted to move intervals in the list farther down the list
● Fixed an app crash bug while using journals

If you have any feedback or run into issue, reach us at We're happy to help!

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4.5 sur 5

19 notes

19 notes

very good

Abdullah gashi

i an happy

Working Apple Watch app 😊


Nice timer application: the Watch app is functional, the timers can be set from there. I also like the customizable interface. I have a small issue with my notifications, which I sometimes don't seem to get, though the app is still worth 5 stars.


Sergey Astakhov
74.6 Mo
Nécessite iOS 9.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Anglais, Russe
Classé 4+
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