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Pacific Air Warfare - The game takes place in the Pacific theater of World War II, off the coast of the Midway Atoll. The goal is to attack the Japanese air fleet that bombed the American aircraft carrier, pursue all Japanese air and sea forces, fly through the 20 stages, and make their way to the Japanese battleship Yamato to destroy her. 12 stages consist of an air-to-sea battle (with a huge battleship or an aircraft carrier as the stage boss), while the other 8 stages consist of an all-aerial battle against a squadron of Japanese bombers with a mother bomber at the end.

In Pacific Air Warfare - The player selects one of four different planes, each with different ratings in speed, power, and the strength of their homing attack. When flying through the levels, three primary weapons can be used by picking up their respective items, to fire either spreading vulcan bullets, straight-firing lasers, or multi-directional missiles. By holding button 1, the player can charge up to fire a special missile. If this missile hits a large enemy, the player will lock on to that enemy, and can fire fast homing projectiles to damage it further. There is also a supply of smart bombs which can be used to clear away the majority of enemies and their projectiles from the screen. Smart bombs can also be charged up, and each level of charge yields a different effect. If the player is shot down while charging up a bomb, the bomb does not go off.

At the end of every level, the player receives extra points for the number of bombs held in stock, a rank increase of 1-5 for the percentage of enemies destroyed, a grade for the time it took to defeat the boss, and a bonus for every medal collected which is multiplied by the rank. After beating the last level, the player also gets a large bonus for the number of lives they have remaining.


* Screen slide: moves the airship - combat plane.

* Touch the "lighting" button to make special lightning attacks.

* Select boosters to start easier.

* Defeat boss to pass levels.


* 20 Great Missions with huge End Level Bosses and 3 modes to play: Normal, Hard, Crazy

* Many different Enemy types

* Numerous Upgrades and special gameplay

* 5 different airship and more.

* Arcade retro style feeling.

* Easy control.

Enjoy awesome air battles anytime, anywhere with Pacific Air Warfare

Completely free to play on mobile!


Versión 1.4

- Add new feature: Ranking
- Fix some bugs
- Improve game play
- Thank so much for your support! Let's play and enjoy the game!

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4.5 de 5

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8 valoraciones

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Vinh Tran Quang
218.5 MB
Requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificación 9+ por lo siguiente:
Violencia de caricaturas o violencia de fantasía infrecuente/moderada
© Vinh Tran Quang
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