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50,000+ Wallpapers Pro (HD) - Lite Version


只能在 iOS 设备上通过 App Store 获取此 App。


******** Lite Version for 50,000+ Wallpapers Pro (HD) ********


50,000+ Wallpapers Online Daily update!!!!

Each time you use this software,have different experiences.
50,000+ Wallpapers Randomly show.
Has a different surprise each visit.
come on!!!!

* Icons Shelfs
* Gun
* Plant
* Passion Animation
* Sky
* Cute beauty
* Fighter
* Military
* Space
* Aircraft carrier
* Animal
* Car
* Funny
* Abstract
* Landscape
* Nature
* Festival
* Art
* Beautiful scener
* Travel
* Universe
* Bird

and so on, and there are increasing number of categories online. Frequently updated.


You want to have the best wallpaper?
There are several hundred thousand high-quality wallpapers,which made to professional production team.
The application is the most comprehensive on the iPhone/iPod touch,and daily update !!!.
Here, as long as gently slide your finger, immediately immersed in the magnificent ocean wallpaper,
so you forget to return, put it down.

Usage: You just click "save" button, and then find the picture in the album of iPhone/iPod touch,and set it as your Wallpaper!
Also waiting for? To enjoy our swim it ~ ~ ~

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50,000+ Wallpapers Pro (HD)   - Lite Version
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  • 免费
  • 类别: 生活
  • 发布于:
  • 版本: 1.0
  • 大小: 28.3 MB
  • 语言: 英语
  • 开发商:
因含有以下内容而被评级为 12+:
  • 偶尔/轻微的色情内容或裸露
  • 偶尔/轻微的现实暴力

兼容性: 需要 iOS 3.1.2 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。