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Almos World

开发商:SalA iT Development GmbH

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Available in German, English, Turkish, French, Japanese.
Soon available in Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish.

Hello! My name is Almo, the little eraser. I would like to introduce you to my world of languages! I´ve been traveling a lot and found out, that speaking different languages is always very helpful.

Learning a foreign language will help you communicate and integrate with the local community. You should see the happy faces of the people you talk to in their language! It gives you a better idea of different cultures and their thinking.
Sometimes you don´t even need to travel to get in touch with other languages: There might be a child at school that speaks a different language at home, or maybe the store owner at the corner?

Wouldn´t it be fun to talk to them in their language? Or you might know songs in different languages? If you like, I´ll take you on a journey to my world of languages! It´s great fun!
For now, Almo designed and animated six worlds. The languages are all spoken by native speakers, so you can develop a feeling for the correct sounds they use and just copy them. For young children articulation and sound production is much easier than for adults. But, as always, skills come with practice!

180 useful words are available in five languages. Within a few weeks Almo will even present you five more languages and is busy drawing more worlds. You can choose the language you like right on your screen, there is no need to pick a new app.
It´s great fun for children and grown-ups!!!

Almos Worlds:

版本 1.1.2 中的新功能

- InAppPurchase fixed

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Almos World
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  • 免费
  • 类别: 教育
  • 更新日期:
  • 版本: 1.1.2
  • 大小: 7.7 MB
  • 语言: 英语
  • 开发商:

兼容性: 需要 iOS 4.3 或更高版本。与 iPad 兼容。



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