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BringMeGIft is designed for both travelers and locals.

What does a tourist get? (Why is it good for a tourist?)

-Search for services: overnight accommodation, car, transfer, food, entertainment, guide service
-Cost of the services is cheaper as there are no hidden fees from third parties. Benefit from 10% and up
-Possibility to execute an order for a local and earn money or get a service for it - New communication, new audience

What does a local get? (Why is it good for a local?)

-No need to share the profit
-Getting a possibility to trace the tourist: where and when he arrives and what he needs – and you can earn money or trade something
-New hobby, extra earnings
-Easy way of competing with companies
- Possibility to choose a more beneficial client for the same service

BringMeGift is an app that enables travelers and locals, as well as companies to trade and earn money for their service. Every single traveler can find and a local can offer such services as accommodation, car rent, guide, transfer service, catering, entertainment.
You don’t have to search for an agent. Make a deal with a traveler/a local on your own terms: either trade or pay.
Any traveler can get a refund for his/her trip, fulfilling a local’s order.
A local can take up BringMeGift as a hobby and earn money for the offered services at the same time.
BringMeGift is a gift delivery service. Track the arrivals of tourists in your city and order a gift you want.
BringMeGift is a tool for services which is always at hand. Download BringMeGift, add your first lot and trade it today or sell it. It’s up to you to decide!
How It Works:
Imagine you are a tourist travelling to another city. Choose the date of the arrival and specify your lot (gift). Browse the offers from locals. Start a conversation and offer an exchange for your lot: accommodation, car rent, guide/transfer services, catering, entertainment. What if you are not sure what to bring? Just take an order from a local and bring him/her what he/she needs. Besides, you can offer money as well. Trading and payments are all without any agents.
Imagine you are a local. You have got enough free time and are searching for additional earnings. Tourists always need services from local companies and dwellers. Offer your accommodation or car for rent. Invite tourists to dinner, treat them to local food. Be their guide as this is your city and you are better at telling tourists about it than any guide. Meet tourists at the airport or at the station, take them to the destination address. All you have to do is to add a lot and make an exchange with a tourist or charge for your services and get paid. In addition you will be able to order the things you need to be brought from other countries like quality medicine, perfume, clothes, souvenirs and other goods. Offer tourists a payment for the delivery or deliver a service to them. It’s up to you to decide what to choose: trade or money.
BringMeGift is an app for tourists, locals and companies which will help you trade services or earn money.


版本 1.2.0

Onboarding screens added. Bugs fixed.


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22.3 MB
需要 iOS 9.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。
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