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Camping Recipes HD

开发者:Appz Venture

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Going camping? Need some camping recipes? Ready to do some outdoor cooking? Food cooked outdoors always seems to taste good, and campers have more ways of cooking at the campground than anywhere else. They can cook on grills and stoves, in Dutch ovens and over campfires. RVers might be using an electric range or microwave oven, while you might find scouts baking in a box oven. Whatever your style, there are some great camping recipes here based on primary ingredient, course and method of preparation. Oh, if you're wondering, s'mores recipes

Some of Camping Recipes are:

camp hash
campfire cookout
pineapple upside-down cake
pita pocket breakfast
pre-fab fry bread
quartermaster's stew
stuffed chicken
taco salad on the go
tarragon tuna casserole
turkey and dumplings
roast in the coals
camp fish
campfire apples
campout chili
chippewa bannock
chocolate-peanut butter fondue
corn on the fire
dump fruit cobbler
hobo onion
hobo veggies
camping chops
italian sandwiches
jambalaya feast
one pot chicken-rice-stuffing dinner
one-pot enchilada casserole
pita pizza
salsa chicken
shroom treats
apple pie on a stick
aussie pizza
campout quickie
chocolate-peanut butter wraps
dutch oven hopi indian fry bread
dutch oven peach cobbler
campfire clam chowder

*** and much more ***

Application Features:

* Search Recipe through name/title of the recipe or by recipe
* Share favorite recipe via Social Network
* Bookmark your favorite recipe

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Camping Recipes HD
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