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For a limited time, available for $3.99 (price after June 30, 2012 is $6.99)

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, the Toronto Star presents a photo-book of 60 years of the Queen’s visits to Canada:

• Use the map to look at historical photos of the Queen in your home city or province;
• Scroll through the timeline of shots grouped by decade – 1950s through 2010s – to see great and sometimes unexpected photos of the Queen.

The more than 350 photographs assembled here from the Toronto Star’s historical photo archive cast a wide net across the Queen’s Canadian royal tours, offering a glimpse into life on the royal stage. Some of them have become iconic photographs – from line-dancing at Rideau Hall, to signing the Constitution, to a rare royal kiss.

Photos are viewable in portrait or landscape mode, and you can turn captions on/off by tapping the photos. The first time you use each one of the three navigation choices (map, timeline or iconic), the photos may take a few moments to appear (the “loading” message will appear briefly) but after that first use, you will be able to swipe back and forth between photos in the photo-book galleries freely. Photos can then be viewed offline.

Features include:
• More than 350 historic photographs (portrait and landscape mode);
• Menu of three navigation options: map, timeline and photographs hand-picked by Toronto Star journalists as Iconic photographs. Tap to open. Use the X in the top left corner to exit the map, timeline or iconic;
• Map photographs can be navigated by tapping the province, by tapping the pin showing number of photos for that province or by tapping a city name;
• Scrolling timeline (drag and release to move the timeline; tap on a highlighted decade to open that decade’s photo-gallery);
• Captions (tap on/off on the photo);
• Exit a photo or by using the X icon in the top left corner

For a limited time, available for $3.99 (price after June 30, 2012 is $6.99)

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