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First mobile container/truck/pallet loading application, support to multiple sizes of cargo per loading (Standard version can loading with single cargo size only, can extend to max 20 items (cargo size) per loading by in-app purchase).

Simulate loading of your cargo in minutes, not hours or days! Maximize your shipping with boxes and container/truck/pallet and save money and time.

- Lower shipping costs per unit by loading more quantity
- Save load/unload time and spend by using load patterns
- Eliminate unnecessary waste of fuel (save fuel)
- Make more profit by loading more cargo
- Protect fragile cargo with limit orientation and placement
- Keep customer relation good with rapid and accurate response to their enquiries

Support for both Imperial (inch/lbs) and Metric (cm./kgs.) unit system (choose one system on first start)

Cargo detail

- define cargo type between box, pallet and cylinder
- define Cargo ID, Description
- define Cargo size length, width and height or diameter and height for cylinder
- define Cargo net weight and gross weight
- limit cargo orientation in 3 directions
- define pack (number of product in package)
- define max stack (number of layer of cargo place on itself)
- define pallet height (for pallet cargo)
- define Must be on the floor option to limit cargo placement on floor only
- define No other product on top to limit placement on top of cargo
- define Unit of cargo
- define HS (Harmonized System) code of cargo
- define Country of origin of cargo

Container/Truck/Pallet detail

- define container type between Container or pallet
- choose from standard container/pallet type
- define custom Container ID, Description
- define container/pallet length, width and height
- define max load line for reefer container (refrigerator)
- define container/pallet maximum weight capacity
- define pallet height (for pallet type)


- define customer and all necessary customer details

Shipment detail

- define Shipment ID and details
- define shipment date
- define shipment currency
- choose customer to use with shipment
- choose cargo and define quantity and unit price
- Maximum cargo size per shipment is 1 (one)


- allow/not allow overhang loading
- use Ultimate calculation mode
- Support to interlock / pinwheel load pattern

Load view option

- Display loading in 3D view
- rotate to any view (360 degree) by use gesture control
- Display mode between color and texture
- Loading step control
- Automatic rotate view around container

Report option

- share with standard share data of iOS platform (save/share/email etc.)
- Load summary report
- Load plan with 8 loading step per page

Load result

- Show all necessary information
- List of top loading pattern with option to choose any load pattern
- Loading step will all necessary data


- User can define report paper size between A4 and US letter
- define date format
- define name of cargo type (Box/Pallet/Cylinder)
- can define user details to use in report

In addition to our standard version as above features, we also offer in-app purchase include more features. You can access information regarding our extra features by tapping the “Setting>Extra Features” button in app.

List of extra features

- Extend maximum number of items per shipment to 20 items (instead of 1 item)
- FILO (First In Last Out) loading style option.
- Limit loaded cargo to container weight capacity option.
- Commercial Invoice report.
- Packing List report.
- Cargo Position report.
- Cargo position view in 3D load view.
- Carton Designer module to design carton from product.

More details please visit : http://www.cargooptimizer.com/Cargo_Optimizer_Pro_for_iPad.html
For questions or feedback email us @ dreamsofts@gmail.com


版本 2.1

1. Fix bug for iOS 11 with iPad pro


102.1 MB

需要 iOS 8.0 或更高版本。与 iPad 兼容。



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