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Concerts TCC

开发者:Intermezzo Music & Media Group BV

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The Concert Channel app: experience the best live performances, as if you’re there in a front-row seat!

No matter whether you’re more into pop, reggae or jazz, there are plenty of high-quality, on-demand pay-per-view concerts for you at the Concert Channel. You’ll find recent live recordings of renowned performers like Paul Weller, La Roux, Florence and the Machine and John Mayall, with new shows and artists being added every week!

Concert Channel benefits:

•High-quality video and audio make you feel like you’re actually present at the venue.
•Up to 20 hi-tech cameras ensure your view will be better than that form any regular spot in the theatre, though!
•View the on-demand concerts any time and any place on your iPhone or iPad.
•Weekly updates with new concerts: always something new to watch!
•Extensive catalogue of memorable concert registrations, spanning all genres from pop, rock to reggae and jazz.

How it works:

•Download and install the free Concert Channel app
•Subscribe to The Concert Channel and pay $ 4,99 for one month access to all the concerts
•Video streams can be viewed unlimited times in an month period. Please note concert registrations cannot be downloaded for later use and are for personal viewing only.

System requirements:

•Broadband Internet connection (WiFi or 3G: please check your provider’s pricing and terms of service on streaming video services. The Concert Channel is not responsible for additional data charges)


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Concerts TCC
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此 App 专为 iPhone 和 iPad 设计
  • 免费
  • 类别: 音乐
  • 发布于:
  • 版本: 1.01
  • 大小: 13.3 MB
  • 语言: 英语
  • 开发商:

兼容性: 需要 iOS 3.2 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。