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Grandma's Remedies from Italy


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For generations, people have thought of home remedies as the best way to deal with everything from the common cold to removing that stubborn stain from your favorite shirt. But a lot of people still know that many of life's little problems can be remedied quickly, naturally, and with items that are already laying around your home.

With Grandma's Remedies from Italy on your iPhone or iPod touch, you have the benefit of decades of this adorable Italian grandmother's wisdom with you everywhere you go. Why would you use all of those chemicals, or needlessly spend money on beauty products which contain ingredients that you can't even pronounce. Nonna always has a better answer! The advice is all-natural, and is as good for the environment as it is for you.

As soon as you open this app, Nonna (Italian for "grandma"), will offer you a helpful hint. Want to see more pearls of wisdom? Simply shake and a new tip will appear. If you want information about a particular subject, choose one of Nonna's areas of expertise, and see what she has to say. Or, if you already know what you're looking for, just use the search feature. Nonna is an expert on many subjects, so your answer is sure to be there.

Nonna has selected some of her favorite and most useful tips from the Old Country. She lovingly assembled these gems into 4 handy, easy-to-read categories. They include:

WELL-BEING: Nonna has loads of advice on how to cleanse your mind, body, and soul. She'll also offer you plenty of ways to enhance your natural beauty using nothing but all-natural ingredients.

HOME: Home is where the heart is, and Nonna shows you safe and effective ways to keep your home clean, and your family happy and healthy. After all, a happy family is every grandma's number one goal!

LOVE: Where would we be without those wonderful words of wisdom from our parents and grandparents? Nonna shares some valuable insights with you, straight from her heart to yours.

FOOD: What grandmother's advice would be complete if it didn't involve transforming your meals from dull and boring into something that your family is sure to remember? She'll tell you how to find the freshest ingredients, and how to keep them that way until you're ready to use them. If there's one thing Nonna knows, it's cooking.

Nonna gives you so much helpful information that, sometimes, you just can't keep it to yourself. Now, when you find a hint that you would like to share, use the "Send This Advice to a Friend" feature, and the tip is on its way to rescue your friends from their dilemmas as well.

If you have your own favorite family remedy or tip that your Nonna has shared with you, feel free to pass it along by using the "Offer Your Own Remedy" feature. Here you can submit your own suggestion which may be included in future updates.

Your friends are all going to be wondering how you suddenly got so smart. You can claim to be wise beyond your years, or you can just smile and say "I learned it from my Nonna!"

版本 1.1 中的新功能

This major update of Grandma's Remedies from Italy, one of the best selling applications in Europe, contains many new and useful features. The application is now optimized for iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod, with new entries and completely new graphics. On the iPad Grandma's Remedies offer great advice presented with bold, compelling appeal.


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Grandma's Remedies from Italy
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  • 版本: 1.1
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  • 语言: 英语
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兼容性: 需要 iOS 4.2 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch 兼容。