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How To Start Your Own Coaching or Consulting Business


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Discover the secrets of starting a rewarding, freedom-filled career in the consulting/coaching business!

And Finally Tell Your Boss That You Won't Be Needing His Services Any More.

Hundreds of thousands of people make a living doing one thing and one thing only... telling other people what to do.

Consultants and coaches are everywhere. And there may be nothing stopping you from starting your new life as one. You just need to know where to start.

Consultants are needed in all different areas of life. When a person or business is lacking experience in some area, sometimes, the best option is to bring in somebody who has the knowledge they simply do not.

Check out just SOME of the information you will find inside:

★ The difference between a coach and a consultant - and which one is best for YOU.

★ 3 things you will need to create a business plan to make your business boom.

★ 6 reasons why someone would want to hire a coach.

★ Finally! For those of you who shudder at the sound of "cold-calling," now you can try something a little more comfortable for all parties: Warm-Calling.

★ Warning! Before you go out and rent your own office space, make sure you look over this crucial bit of information.

★ Why you must have a legal business identity if you want to be successful.

★ The best free way to generate business over and over again.

★ What the words, "For business Only" will mean for you and your business.

★ The secret power that one "Good-Samaritan" technique can have on getting your business started.

★ 4 business matters you must continue to tend to throughout the life of your business.

★ A crash-course introduction on different ways to get the word out about your business with paid advertising.

★ 4 methods of advertising your coaching services that you won't want to leave out.

★ 15 insider-tips to take with you on your new venture.

★ 4 tools you will need to have ready as a coach.

★ 4 things you can't afford not to pay attention to when starting your career as a coach.

★ How to sell your services without "selling."

★ How to decide what type of coach you want to be - take a look at 5 different in-demand types of coaches.

★ The one element crucial to starting a consulting business that makes money.

★ The wisdom that the line "don't put all your eggs in one basket" can bring to your practice.

★ How to "take advice" from potential clients and turn it into cash.

★ What successful business men and women do when they need to start a business fast.

★ 6 questions to ask yourself before deciding to become a coach.

★ 3 challenges you WILL run into as a coach and how to prepare for them.

★ 12 priceless tips for you to follow throughout your coaching career.

★ and much, Much More!

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Get it now before promotion ends!

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How To Start Your Own Coaching or Consulting Business
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