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Breathe is a mindfulness app that helps you stay calm and battle anxiety by sending you gentle deep breathing reminders throughout the day.

In addition to sending breathe reminders, we also send daily mindfulness quotes and allow you to customize your notifications based on whatever helps you relax throughout the day.

Simply set up the times in which you'd like to receive the notifications, how frequently, and the content of the reminders. We'll deliver these when you need them most!

We're excited to help you be calmer, healthier and happier. Thanks for letting us in : )

What other Breathe users are saying...

"I learned that deep breaths help reduce stress. Low stress also promotes better health. This app is great. All my co-workers hear my phone go off and they breathe with me. Love it"

“This is just what I needed to help with my mindfulness meditation. Has really been helping me throughout the busy work day.”

“This app doesn't just help you think about breathing. It creates tiny little pockets of mindfulness practice.”

“This app is great! Sends me slick breathing reminders that really reduce my stress levels at work. Can't wait to use this with the Apple Watch!”

“I was super stressed out and this app helped me get through a tough time just reminding me to take a breath and let go of what was bothering me! Helps to break up your day and remind you to relax!”

“Super simple, very slick and non intrusive. A little buzz 5 times a day and a 5 second deep breath. Game changer for the daily grind we are in every day.”

“This app is fantastic! It allows me to escape the craziness that is every day life, whether it be the insanity of work or my hectic social life. It manages to keep me grounded especially in times where I require clarity to accomplish my goals.”

"Love this app. Look forward to the reminders to just sit back and take a little break."

"Simple reminders throughout the busy day to stop and take a breath. Loving it!"

"The least pushy push notification out there. Great idea!"


版本 1.9.6

bug fixes


KSI Technology, LLC
28.5 MB
需要 iOS 10.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。
© KSI Technology, LLC
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  1. Year of Premium ¥12.00


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