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International Health Facility Guidelines (iHFG) LITE

开发者:Health Projects International (HPI)

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The International Health Facility Guidelines (iHFG) application represent a virtual encyclopaedia of knowledge for the Briefing, Planning and Design of Healthcare facilities. IHFG includes up to 33 Functional Planning Units or FPUís (eg Hospital Departments) and 500 IP-free Medical Design Templates for immediate use. The Templates are represented by free PDF Room Layout Sheet drawings and matching Room Data Sheets. Autocad DWG versions of the Room Layout Sheets can also be purchased within the application in bundles of 1, 5 & 10.
Note: CAD drawings are only available for the International domain of the iHFG within this application. Editable DWG's for Country customizations will appear progressively.

This is an indispensable tool in the hands of Healthcare Architects, Planners, Hospital Owners, Inspectors and Health Authorities.
These guidelines are accessed through an intuitive User Interface which is divided into 5 parts:

Part A- Administrative Provisions
Part B- Health Facility Briefing and Planning
Part C- Access, Mobility, Occupational Health and Safety
Part D- Infection Control
Part E- Engineering

Detailed Description:
Room Layout Sheets (RLS)- These are highly detailed A3 size Architectural plans complete with Metric dimensions, abbreviations, codes etc. Each of the 500 unique room types which makes up all the Hospital departments has been provided in Plan form plus 4 elevations including installation height of fixtures and equipment. The level of detail provided is almost ready to build. Designers are free to copy or use these plans in any way that suits their projects. The choice and responsibility will be theirs. These are available in PDF and DWG formats.
The DWG format is currently only available for the International Domain included within this Application.

Room Data Sheets (RDS)- Each of the above RLSís has a counterpart in written form called Room Data Sheets. These are from 2 to 6 pages of compact written description and specifications under several categories:

Primary Information- Minimum size in m2, occupancy, special requirements, adjacencies etc.
Building Fabric and Finishes- All requirements of the building fabric for each room including Floor, Walls, Wall protection, Ceiling, Cornice, Observation etc.
Furniture and Fittings- All the non-serviced content in the room including chairs, tables, trolleys, bed screens etc
Fixtures and Equipment- All the serviced content in the room including sanitary fixtures and medical equipment etc
Building Services- All the required serviced outlet types and quantities including power, lighting, nurse call, medical gas, data, hydraulics, security etc

All of the above are offered for viewing on the iPAD in PDF format. The application will check for updates at the source and will auto-download any changes to the device memory.

The International Health Facility Guidelines (iHFG) have been created and are managed by "Health Projects International" (HPI), the acknowledged specialists in Health Planning and author of numerous international healthcare standards and guidelines. Various customizations of the iHFG are offered by HPIís international network (TAHPI).

This LITE version, only shows the International Guidelines (iHFG"s) for iPAD. It includes all the content described above.

This PRO version of the application provides the above iHFG content as well as several country customizations in one convenient application. At this time ,the following customizations are available:

- Australia,
- New Zealand,
- State of Victoria,
- Papua New Guinea,
- India,

Note: The UAE guidelines show the same content as the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi Health Facility Guidelines HAAD-HFG. HAAD-HFG can also be obtained in a stand-alone application from the AppStore.

More Countries are added progressively as the application is updated.

This International version can be used in any Country after checking with over-riding local regulations and Authority requirements.

版本 1.5.3 中的新功能

Minor UI Update.
Update DWG file price.

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International Health Facility Guidelines (iHFG) LITE
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  • 类别: 医疗
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  • 版本: 1.5.3
  • 大小: 2.4 MB
  • 语言: 英语
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