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Learn, baby, learn - this app is developed by parents for parents.
When your child learns the world - he was interested in everything and he's ready to learn every second. At this time, it can be a convenient way to give the knowledge he learns at high speed.
There are many training programs and games that seem to us , adults , very beautiful and attractive .
The problem is that when a child sees a hand-drawn picture, for example , a table , then to spend the parallels with the real object , which he sees every day in the kitchen , he has to make a generalization. And for that logical operations in the mind of a child is not yet sufficiently different tables. Therefore painted cat picture - it's not cat who live and running .
Snort is " Learn, baby, learn! " to remove all possible barriers to building associations in the young child . To create a slide show is important to use real photographs of those items and objects that a child sees around him . Voice acting Voice mom or dad - is another plus, which enhances the perception of information .

Technique with the application :
1. Shoot objects and people surrounding your baby
2 . Do captions for each photo
3 . Choose the color of the label to the picture so that it stands out from the background.
4 . Voiced by signing with the built-in voice recorder.
5 . Show off your child slideshow with pleasant background music and the words voiced by native voice.

Creating a slideshow of 50 words takes you less than 30 minutes.

Using this application you will be able to :
* Quickly create a slideshow of baby pictures with captions and voice acting of each slide
* Broadcast slideshows on your TV with the TVout ( a special cable ) or AirPlay technology
* Built- in application is a fun collection of children's music for the slideshow .
* Adjustable length of the slides .
* Photos taken from the application are stored in a special folder without mixing with the photostream .
* Slideshow protected against accidental touching the screen . To stop the slideshow, you must do three-finger swipe up.

Method of early development, a time-tested and science.

Simple steps for easy teaching your child


Oksana Soluk
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需要 iOS 6.0 或更高版本。与 iPad 兼容。


俄文, 英文

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