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要从 Mac App Store 下载Learn - iBooks Author Edition,您的 Mac 需要有 OS X 10.6.6 或更高版本。 了解更多。

Learn - iBooks Author Edition

开发商:Swanson Digital, LLC

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•2 hours of HD video tutorials!
•Simple interface that makes is easy to navigate through the videos.
•The videos guide the viewer with zooms, pans and highlights of what is being discussed.
•The keyboard shortcuts associated with each lesson are listed in the sidebar of the App.
•Use the notes pane to jot down things to remember from each lesson, then output all your notes in a single PDF document!

This course contains two hours of video training tutorials on how to use iBooks Author to build, export and publish an interactive iBook. These lessons will help you learn the iBooks Author Interface, how to add images, media and interactive widgets, create custom layouts or templates and how to publish your work to the iBookstore.

The voice and guide behind this training App is Drew Swanson. Drew is a 20+ year Mac user and has been using Macs professionally in the graphic design and photography fields for over 10 years. SInce 2007 Drew has been a member of The Apple Consultants Network, working in the Boise Idaho area to provide support and training to Mac users at their home and business. In 2009 Drew started TheMacU to provide video training courses to Mac users anywhere in the World.

Course Outline...

A. The Purpose of iBooks Author

B. The iBooks Author Interface
1. The Template Chooser
2. The Toolbar
3. The Book Pane
4. The Layouts Pane
5. The Inspector
6. Menu Commands

C. Building an iBook
1. Adding Content
a. Importing from Pages or Word
b. B Adding & Editing Text
c. Adding Shapes, Tables & Charts
d. Adding Media

2. Widgets
a. Gallery
b. Media
c. Review
d. Keynote
e. Interactive Image
f. 3D

3. Layouts
a. Creating a Custom Layout
b. Saving Templates

4. Adding a Glossary

D. Export and Publish
1. Export and an iBooks File
2. Export as PDF or TXT
3. Publish to the iBookstore

E. Conclusion

版本 3.1 中的新功能

Updated and added video lessons for iBooks Author 2.0!
-Updated Template Chooser Lesson.
-Updated Adding Media Lesson.
-Added lesson on using custom fonts.
-Added lesson on using equations.
-Updated Media Widget Lesson.
-Added lessons for Scrolling Sidebar and Pop Over Widgets
-Updated iBookstore publishing lesson.


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Learn - iBooks Author Edition
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  • 版本: 3.1
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兼容性: OS X 10.6 或更高版本, 64 位处理器


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