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Macquarie Aussie Slang Dictionary

开发商:Macquarie Dictionary Publishers Pty Ltd

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The Macquarie Aussie Slang Dictionary app is simple to use and easy to understand, providing users with an accessible and quick reference for Aussie Slang. From the racy and rude to the lighthearted and charming, from the hip and happening language of city-dwellers to the dry wit of the true laconic bushy -- it's all here.

Based on the Macquarie Best Aussie Slang book retailing at A$13, this app provides an extended version of the book with over 1000 extra entries and includes:

• Over 2600 definitions
• Over 2100 entries
• accessible colloquial English
• common slang phrases
• historical Aussie slang
• regional slang
• extensive coverage of rhyming slang

Search features include:

• Simple and fast search
• Suggests search terms as you type
• Fuzzy search for similar sounding words
• Access anytime without an internet connection
• Browser-like definition content navigation
• Compatible with VoiceOver

Based on the Macquarie Best Aussie Slang, the app is completely up-to-date including new entries such as derps, bra boy and Pious as well as historical items such as bludger, fair dinkum, and Anzac. Special attention is also given to slang phrases:
~ not happy Jan!
~ useful as a roo bar on a skateboard
~ silly as a two-bob watch
~ don't come the raw prawn with me

Fair suck of the sav -- you'd have to be a stark raving drongo to not have this bonzer little dictionary on your iPhone!

This app is from the publishers of the popular, authoritative Macquarie Dictionary — Australia's national dictionary. The Macquarie Dictionary continues to change, adapt and re-adjust to reflect the Australian language.

Macquarie, by definition Australian

Note: No internet connection necessary

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Macquarie Aussie Slang Dictionary
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  • 版本: 1.14
  • 大小: 0.5 MB
  • 语言: 英语
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