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Magic & Satanic Influences: Its Kinds,Its Rulings & Protection


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Magic & Satanic app deals all about the Magical spell to our Beloved Prophet Muhammed(Peace Be Upon Him).
This Application includes,Two Surah's i.e,113.The Day Break(Al-Falaq) and 114.The Mankind(An-Nas)

Magic & Satanic Influences: Its Kinds, Its Rulings & Protection Abridgment from Maariful-Qur’aan Revised Translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani Appendix: Protection against Magic, Jinn, Shaytaan,thieves and against other worldly troubles and calamities (Manzil)Recommended Verses of the Qur’aan By Shah Waliullah (RA) and Shaykh Muhammad Talha Kandhalwi (RA).

Mainly the description of this application is been extracted from the quran verses and the authentic hadith.

-For Spreading Hadith there is a EMAIL facility
-Easily Switching form one book to another book
-A very Realistic user interaction
-Tell A Friend about this app
-Feed Back for further changes


This app is uploaded in good faith and we have tried to remain as careful as possible to avoid mistake and provide content which is agreed by the most but please feel free to guide us if you find any objections or missing content

This application is also available for the iPad.

Inshallah Further updation may be take us by Rating and Reviews May Allah The Exalted, Bestow his Mercy on all of you.

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