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Math Hard Formula Quiz

Math Hard Formula Quiz, Where are the days when most people complained about learning mathematics. We have solved that problem!

App combines the pleasant with the useful – because we believe that playing, fun, and competition are additional motivators in learning. It is a challenging mathematical game that has been developed to help children learn math and help adults train their brain.

Our app can help you cultivate mastery in Math through FUN Learning - using math tricks, calculation, activities and brain teasers that will help you make the most of your mentoring hour.

It covers primary (all grades) and high school maths in a simple way. It also categorizes different aspects of math in such way that you can choose what you want to learn and start learning.

Math Hard Formula Quiz, The beginning of the game and start solving math problems. From simple basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. ... to more difficult: fractions, square roots, exponentiation ... and more difficult: solving equations, logarithms, etc.

Using collected coins and diamonds you can develop your character from baby to kid, pupil, student, up to professor.

You can also develop special abilities of the character so that during the following game you can have more time to answer, give one wrong answer (shield powerup), collect more coins or points, etc.

Your score can be submitted into online leaderboards, so that you can compete with your friends.

The whole math theory is divided into topics and each topic is described in details.

1. Addition I (Adding natural numbers to 5).
2. Multiplication II (Multiplying natural numbers from 2 to 10).
3. Division III (Dividing natural numbers up to 200 by numbers from 2 to 9).
4. Subtraction IV (Subtracting integer numbers from -1 to 100).
5. Adding Fractions III (Adding two fractions with different denominators).


Tierra Green
72.9 MB
需要 iOS 8.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。
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