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Past Life Tourism

开发商:The Mobile Software House

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Past Life Tourism – Gateway to Bridging your Past and Future

Ever had that feeling of déjà vu? Or know how your life will pan out or change? Do you sometimes get a snapshot of a long forgotten memory? Are you ever in a situation that seems familiar whereby you get the thought, ‘I’ve been here or done this before’?

In this book Barbara unveils the methods used to connect to your past and future lives. With real life participants selected especially for this book, the author reveals their hidden memories of lives past and yet to come.

The interest in past life regression has surged over recent years with many people keen to discover ways to capture their memories. Reading this will enable you to self-regress/progress and research your findings.

We are all the sum total of our experiences and lessons in life regardless of whether they are from this one, the last or the next - as you will discover, if you haven't already. Finding out about our other lives is a very attractive thought and, with a little instruction, possible to do yourself.
Barbara explains the usefulness of past life regression and future life progression as a healing tool; for well-being, healing or just plain curiosity.
It is written is an easy to follow chatty style that takes you through the whole process from hypnotic meditation to where you can look for information on your memories.

Barbara Ford-Hammond is a hypnotherapist, writer, muse and intuit. She runs the acclaimed ‘Beyond Bliss’ development workshops throughout the UK and in the Middle East. She has been running a successful practice for nearly 20 years attracting an international clientele from all walks of life.
Barbara is available for private sessions and regularly holds workshops on past lives, future lives, self-hypnosis, public speaking and others. Her self-help products are available along with more information on

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Past Life Tourism
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