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Routinely is a tool to help you establish, track, understand, and be more mindful of your daily routine. Use Routinely to quickly and easily set goals for each of the tasks and habits that make up your day, and then track your completion of those goals. Routinely can send you notifications to remind you to complete your goals, and provides a history view to review past days. 

Each goal has a name, an abbreviation (you can use emoji to liven up your routine!), and a target time. Goals can also have alternative target times for different days of the week, or target times can be set relative to other goals. Routinely will track your average completion time for each goal, and let you know when you’re on a completion streak. You can create custom goals, or choose from a library of suggestions. 

Routinely uses 3D Touch (when available) to give you quick access to creating new goals, and completing your ‘most recent’ and ‘next upcoming’ goal. You can swipe to access frequently used features for each goal, use Pop/Peek to quickly review goal information, and search for goals using spotlight.

Routinely provides a "Current Goals" widget that shows your most recent and next goals, for quick access.


版本 1.3

THANK YOU for the wonderful, warm reception that you've given Routinely. Hundreds of you have started using Routinely to track your daily routine, and it's wonderful to know that, in some small way, my app has helped to make us all slightly more mindful and aware of our routines and habits.

This latest version adds improvements to performance and stability, and also increases my ability to detect and track any crashes that the app experiences. I've done my best to thoroughly test Routinely: I have automated tests that I run through a variety of simulated devices, as well as a small team of alpha and beta testers that thoroughly exercise each of a series of pre-releases before finally publishing here on the app store.

I have noticed a couple of negative reviews over the past few weeks, mentioning app crashes, and i am truly sorry. If you have experienced any crashes, please install this latest version- if the crashes continue, *please* reach out to me via either the "developer website" or "support website" links in the App Store. I will gladly work with you to identify and fix any bugs in the app.

New Features:
This latest version adds the ability to specify different target times for different days when goals are being created. This functionality previously existed, but could only be specified after a goal was created. This change was motivated by a recent review- thank you for the feedback!!


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需要 iOS 10.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。



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