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Sagittarius Prosperity Spell

开发商:Magic Spells Now

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How many people of your star sign have managed to get rich? Lots of them! And how did they do it? By using the best of their personality traits to get ahead of others. Do you think, that they might have some other help as well? Something not available to you? That’s quite possible.

To make it, to get rich, you need to get all the help you can muster. Hard work and being smart is clearly not enough.
Think again about the best qualities your star sign has provided you with. These have always helped you in tight spots.

But – could there be some other way, in which your birth sign constellation could help you? A more direct way?

I am sure there is, but you would need to know some magic, if you wanted to call upon the stars of your Zodiac to intervene on your behalf.

Exactly! Magic ! That’s what you need! You need a magic spell, which would enable you to call upon the constellation you were born under, and ask for help! And I’m sure, that it would respond to such a call! You are its baby, after all!
If you could only get hold of the right Magic Spell, – that would be just what you need!

And you are lucky today, because you have that magic spell right here, in front of you, as an iPhone app.

Yes, this is a real Magic Spell, created for you and your star sign by Charodan, sixth generation wizard, who is the resident Magician at How cool is that? An absolutely real, genuine magic spell!
After you download it, follow the easy instructions and then “cast” the spell. All you have to do, is to:

*** Believe that the spell will work for you. That is very important!

*** Think hard and with a lot of emotion about the outcome you want this particular spell to help you with. This is very important, because it is that emotion, which carries your message out into the Universe. Emotion is the “broadband” the “service provider” of Magic.

*** Follow the prompts to load and release the spell.

*** Listen to the spell being spoken by a wizard from your iPhone.

*** Get working on your prosperity! Help is on the way!

*** Your message was sent out. The reply will come back in a few days time. Or a few hours. You never know when, so be ready for it.

That’s the way magic works. You need to take action and send that message out. Stop hoping for the best, when you can get some magic help and ensure that everything will work out! Start getting your messages out there today!

Cast the spell for seven days in a row, preferably at the same time of the day. After that, once a week. And watch it all happen!

Hey - that sounds Magic! Well, - of course it does, because it is!

What are you waiting for? The Universe is ready to help you – but you have to ask!!
Get that spell and send it out! Help is on the way! You have nothing to lose!

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Sagittarius Prosperity Spell
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  • ¥12.00
  • 类别: 生活
  • 发布于:
  • 版本: 1.2
  • 大小: 1.7 MB
  • 语言: 英语
  • 开发商:

兼容性: 需要 iOS 2.2.1 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。