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We here introduces world’s first Reviews and voting App -YESSNOO v3 Among others, the app can be used to vote before the June 23rd UK/EU poll AS it has always been said – the only constant thing is ‘change itself’. And yes, a landmark change is happening already. As a news person, I have always wondered if it was possible for people to just give a yes or no answer about what I think, from the comfort of my home, at the tap of my screen or at the press of a button. Thanks to the YESSNOO app, those challenges have been solved. The YESNOO app is the world’s first review and voting app.According to the company, Pennies Mart, the app gives the user the chance to raise awareness regarding public matters and encourage people to unite so that their voice can be heard. According to them, YESSNOO helps to know public opinion about different matter, and helps to enhance the way of life and the way people can communicate regarding different issues.The app features a lot of functionalities. One may choose to post a question based or relating to voting, public figures, political figures or sports. For instance, a sport lover can ask, “Do you think Chelsea will dominate in the premier league nest season?” You can post questions on movies, products, services, companies and questions just about any sphere of life.The app has a wonderful user interface and comes “just as you would want it”. The user could register, login, setup and edit his profile, see results of votes, manage notifications, and filter the questions based on his preferences. For instance, one can choose to view the trending questions/votes, the least trending or even the soon-to-expire questions.With this app, one doesn’t need to worry oneself about reviews or the likes. You get to sample the opinions of people quickly –faster than it has always been.Here comes another interesting part of the story: the app is set to be launched June 7 and afterwards, will also be available for people so that on June 23rd they can vote whether or not the UK should remain in the EU. The question and indeed all questions will be structured so that the answer would either be a YES or a NO –of varying degree. That’s so very easy.For a feel of what the app will look like and the various user interfaces, you can download it for free . With the YESSNOO app v3, journalism just got easier, and your voice is heard –faster.


版本 1.5

Quality Improvement and bug fixes.


Khaled Alfeky
9.3 MB
需要 iOS 8.4 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。
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