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Yoga Quickies


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I love a nice, long, juicy yoga class, but can’t always fit it in my schedule. I would try to do one regular hour/hour and a half long yoga class a week, but I just wasn’t feeling the benefits that I used to feel when I was able to practice multiple times a week.

More often than not, I only have about 20 minutes to do my yoga practice. I decided to record a bunch of short classes to do. I’ve learned that I was able to reap the benefits of yoga, even though the class length is only 20 or so minutes. From my experience, I learned it was more realistic to devote about 20 minutes to do a yoga practice 3 times a week.

Long practices are magical and amazing and I try to get these in when I can. But just because I can’t get them in, I didn’t want to suffer because of it! I am happy to report that for me, doing quickie classes still keeps me in a ‘yoga zone’: my body is toned and strong, my mind is at ease and I experience a peace and calm even though I’m only practicing for 20 or so minutes at a time. The repetition makes the magic happen. Of course, the longer the practice is, the more you benefit from it, but don’t NOT do it because you don’t think you have time. Most of us can carve out 20 minutes a few times a week!

I realized I was not the only one with this issue, so I designed Yoga Quickies as an app!

Yoga Quickies is a series of yoga flow classes that are all under 21 minutes. These classes are dynamic and well rounded.

They are taught in the traditional vinyasa flow style, meaning there is a direct relationship to your breath and movement.

Physically, these classes will help you get strong and flexible. Mentally, they enhance your ability to focus. Spiritually, they connect you to your divine self, simply by instructing you to be present and relaxed no matter what comes your way. (Your spirit will love this~!)

If you are new to yoga, please download the app titled Yoga 101 first. It’s a free class that will give you a solid understanding of the basics of the yoga practice, as well as teach you the proper breathing technique used.

I have one Golden Rule for yoga. Listen to your body. You are the captain of your domain and if any teacher at anytime asks you do to a pose that you think is not something you should do, please do not do it. Listen to yourself. It is perfectly acceptable and expected for people to sit out a pose if needed. The basic philosophy of yoga is ahimsa which means non-harming. Be mindful of what you should and should not be doing. It’s your body and hopefully, you’ve got a long (healthy) way to go in it!

Actually, I have two Golden Rules. The other is to be aware of your breath and how it moves through your body. There is magic in that breath. By developing breath awareness you literally learn how to tune in to any moment of your life. I’m excited for you to find out what I am talking about, as it is so powerful it can only be fully understood by actually experiencing it.

With a steady yoga practice, you’ll feel years younger than you do NOW! Without a yoga practice, (especially as you get older: stiffer, fatter, more inflexible) there is a great chance you’ll feel 10 years older than you will actually be!

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Yoga Quickies
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