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El Cuento de Roma

By Abel A Kay

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Esto es una narración de Roma antigua y su historia desde antes de la fundación de la cuidad en el año 753 antes de Cristo, hasta la caída del Imperio Romano occidental en el año 476 de nuestra era. Visite la siguiente URL para mas informacion: Los episodios de este podcast se publican en español para oyentes latinoamericanos, españoles y para hispanoparlantes de los Estados Unidos y otros países. This is a narration of Ancient Rome and its history from right before the founding of the city of Rome in the year 753 BC, until the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. Visit the following URL for more information: Episodes of this podcast are published in Spanish language, and are geared towards listeners in Latin America, Spain, and Spanish-speaking audiences in the USA and other countries.


Ancient Rome history in Spanish

Good to find a podcast about Ancient Rome history in Spanish, and will follow up.

Podcast owner podcast tip

This is Abel A Kay, and here is the URL to see a list of chapters on my site:


very good!

El Cuento de Roma
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  • 类别: 历史
  • 语言: 西班牙语



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