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De Dante Palacios

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Collections is a powerful piece of software to create an inventory of your music, movies, TV shows, books, video games and virtually everything that you want to put on a shelf.
Collections is a virtual library, a realistic representation of your tastes and passions.

Watch movie trailers, preview music, see recommendations, catalog your items and browse through them, share your music, movies, tv shows, books, video games and everything else with Collections.

With a few clicks you will get a lot of information from the internet.

Keep track of the loaned items, Collections use Reminders to track loans and maps to locate them.

A great way to discover and add new items to the library.

With tags, you can organize items without having to move them into a collection.

Camara Barcode Scanner
Collections allows you to add items to the library by using a FaceTime HD (formerly iSight) and/or a FireWire video camera as barcode scanner. Basically the app will search for the item in the same way it does with the search field but without having to type anything. In order for this technology to work optimally you should being in a brightly lit room, trying to keep the lighting uniform across the barcode (i.e, avoid glare), you may need to adjust the screen brightness as well.

Designed for extensibility
With extensions we can easily add the functionalities to the application.

This is the default way to add items to the library, Collections supports multiple search engines, some of them allows you to search by E.A.N, U.PC and I.S.B.N. Please note that the availability of an item depends of the selected search engine and the selected country or language.

Importing is a functionality fully delegated to extensions. The number of supported formats depend on the installed extensions. By default, Collections provides an extension to import native items, i.e items created by the application.

Exporting is a functionality fully delegated to extensions. The number of supported formats depend on the installed extensions.
By default, Collections provides an extension to export native items, i.e items created by the application.

Collections uses the macOS sharing services (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr, Mail, AirDrop and so on).

Web App
Collections Web 1.0 a special version created for the web, being an app that runs in the browser, all people (regardless of operating system) will be able to see a representation of your library, is that cool or what?

Remote Control
With the Apple Remote Control now your can navigate and play your media files.

Novedades de la versión 2.0.2

Bug fixes:
We fixed a problem when while adding blank items, those items are invisible.

Collections 2 implements many improvements to the software. Here’s what’s new in comparison to older versions:

Written from the scratch using Swift 3.1.
A new application icon.
A new getting started guide.
A new toolbar.
A new tags editor.
A new inspector, more and better organized information.
A new description panel.
A new way to search, now you will use the same search field to filter items in your library and to search for items in internet.
A better Camera Barcode Scanner.
A new Capture Device Chooser.
A new version of Collections for the web.
New animations when adding and removing items.
New types and formats, video games, calendars, images. Now we have an special type of item called Other which will give you the chance to virtually add whatever you want.
Recommendations, a great way to discover items.
Integration with Maps (to locate loans).
Support for multiple search engines.
Better support for TV Shows and their episodes.
Better support for audio and video tracks.
Better integration with the macOS sharing services.
Import items by dropping them on the icon or the main window of the app. This works with the every format supported by all enabled importers.
Play music and videos without leaving the app.
The overall appearance of the app has changed, selected items are highlighted, deeper shadows and so much more.
Support for Apple Remote.

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  • USD 16.99
  • Categoría: Referencia
  • Actualizado :
  • Versión: 2.0.2
  • Tamaño: 60.6 MB
  • Idioma: Inglés
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Compatibilidad: Mac macOS 10.12 o posterior, 64-bit processor

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