13 Songs, 1 Hour 5 Minutes


About Antaeus

Formed around 1994, angry French black metal band Antaeus specialize in a raw, dissonant, and chaotic assault that attempts to live up to the group's slogan of "Anti God, Anti Music, Anti You." The band's website lists MkM (vocals), Set (guitar), LsK (bass), and ZVN (drums) as current members and Piat, Storm, Black Priest, Kheer, Thorgan, and Sagoth as former members in what has proven to be a rapidly shifting lineup. Antaeus released Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan, a collection of re-recorded demo tracks, on Baphomet Records in 2000, followed by Ed Principii Evangelikum on the Osmore Productions label in 2002 and Blood Libels on Norma Evangelium Diaboli in 2006. ~ Steve Leggett