Tempa T

Hailing from London, England, grime MC Nicky Nyarko-Dei, aka Tempa T, first began performing in 2006 at grime events around the U.K., as well as being a member of the urban collective Slew Dem Crew alongside artists such as Chronik and Spooky. Initial appearances showed early signs of high-energy performances with aggressive lyrical content. In 2006, the EP Spray Dem was released. Produced by DJ JJ, it wasn't until 2009, when he released the single "Next Hype" (now considered an underground anthem) that he gained success. In 2012, Tempa T re-released the mix-tape All-Star Pars, which entered the U.K. album charts at number 99. Tempa T teamed up with Leathal Bizzle and JME for number 11. ~ James Pearce

    Forest Gate, East London, England
  • BORN
    9 Oct 1984

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