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Yet another side project of the ever prolific Rob Crow (Pinback, Heavy Vegetable, Thingy, Alpha Males, Other Men, Optiganally Yours, Physics, the Ladies, Fantasy Mission Force, Snotnose, Advertising, Remote Action Sequence Project, Cthugha, and Altron Tube), Goblin Cock show off Crow's penchant for metal and comic book fantasy. Disguised in cloaks and shrouded in an element of mystery and irony, the full band roster is difficult to deduce since they're simply referred to as Lord Phallus, Bane Ass-Pounder, King Sith Braindeath, and Loki Sinjuggler. When the band's debut, Bagged and Boarded, was released on Absolutely Kosher Records in 2005, it harbored attention quickly due to an X-rated cover that featured a goblin exposing his member, illustrated by Magic and Star Wars comic book artist Mike Sutfin. The album earned three nominations for Plug Awards, and following a short tour and duties with Pinback, Crow and the gang readied a second album, Come with Me If You Want to Live. The sequel was released in January of 2009, just as GC went on the road for the Cock Across America Tour. The ensuing years saw Crow tending to his myriad other projects, but in 2016, he returned to Goblin Cock fold and issued the band's much anticipated third studio album, Necronomidonkeykongimicon. ~ Jason Lymangrover

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