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Born and raised in Manhattan, Black Attack (real name Sean Boston) knew at 13 years of age that he was going to be an MC. He started out in a local crew named Smoked Out Productions, but ventured out on his own in the mid-'90s, crossing paths with former Beatnuts member Al Tariq, who was working on his solo debut, God Connections (1996), for Correct Records. In 1997, Black Attack released the underground hit 12" "Holdin' It Down" b/w "Verbal Attack," featuring fellow MC Problemz, on the Correct label. The up-and-comer quickly established a name for himself with that record, but the business end of things never could match up to the promise of his skills. Black Attack was constantly bouncing from label to label on the independent circuit, with only a few recordings (like the My Crown 12") to show for it. However, coming into contact with Japanese turntablist DJ Honda, who was based in Manhattan at the time, bore some positive results. Black Attack recorded many songs with Honda for his self-titled debut, DJ Honda (1996), as well as HII (1998) and HIII (2001). Work on Honda's second album had reunited Black Attack with Al Tariq and Problemz. The three toured Europe with Honda as well as doing their own gigs. Since the chemistry was there and they were well-received, the three of them founded Missin' Linx, unfortunately a short-lived endeavor. Black Attack was on the verge of calling it quits, but he resurfaced in 2007 with another independent single, "Black Man." ~ Cyril Cordor

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