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Best known as being shock rocker G.G. Allin's last backing band, the Murder Junkies carried on even after their leader's drug-induced death in June of 1993. When Allin emerged from prison during the early '90s and wanted to resume his recording/touring career, his brother, Merle Allin, assembled a band for him. Included was Merle himself on bass, drummer Dino Sex, and guitarist William Weber (the latter of which moonlighted in another group, the Chrome Cranks). G.G. Allin & the Murder Junkies managed to complete several tours together from 1991 through 1993, as well as issuing an official studio album (Brutality & Bloodshed for All), and was featured in the excellent G.G. documentary, Hated. As evidenced in Hated and the post-mortem release, Res-Erected, former Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone was a brief member of the Murder Junkies, as a guitarist.

After G.G.'s passing, the Murder Junkies carried on with several different singers, the first being Antiseen frontman Jeff Clayton. Although the Clayton-led version of the band completed a two-week tour during mid 1995, the singer was still a member of Antiseen, and returned back to his original band immediately afterwards. Weber hooked the Murder Junkies up with their next frontman, former Pagans member Mike Hudson. But like Clayton, Hudson's tenure only lasted a short while. Next up to occupy the vacant frontman position was newcomer Mike Denied, but the band hit a snag when Weber split from the group during late 1996, to return back to the Chrome Cranks full-time. The Murder Junkies have issued a pair of releases thus far, the seven-track EP Feed My Sleaze and the three-track single The Right to Remain Violent, while Merle also runs a tape-selling business on the side, specializing in videos of his notorious older brother. ~ Greg Prato

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