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About Pachora

Pachora formed in the late '90s, melding Middle Eastern and Eastern European musical influences into melodic and multi-rhythmic instrumental music. The band consists of an excellent and tasteful group of smart players: percussionist Jim Black, clarinetist Chris Speed, guitarist Brad Shepik (who also plays saz), and bassist Skuli Sverrisson. Pachora perform hybrid originals and new arrangements on traditional songs. In addition to performing in Pachora, the musicians have also been leaders and members of many other groups -- most frequently jazz -- including Black's AlasNoAxis, John Hollenbeck's Claudia Quintet, Dave Douglas' Tiny Bell Trio, Tim Berne's Bloodcount, and more. Pachora toured after the 1997 release of their first, self-titled album, issued on New York's Knitting Factory label. Their next two albums, 1999's Unn and 2000's Ast, were released on the same label. After the turn of the millennium and the demise of Knitting Factory, Pachora moved over to Stefan Winter's Winter & Winter label for 2003's Astereotypical, which found the group still on a creative upswing. The bandmembers were occupied with many other performing and recording projects as the 2000s progressed, but Pachora remained on the back burner, reconvening for occasional live performances, including a mini-tour of the U.S. Midwest in the fall of 2011. ~ Joslyn Layne

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