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Despite their age, Forever in Terror are as aggressive and savage as the majority of veteran metal bands. Hair-raising vocals are howled with a terrifyingly powerful and harsh scream, alongside blazing Yngwie Malmsteen viking metal guitar harmonies, bottom-heavy bass, and a thrashing double kickdrum that effortlessly switches up tempos. In 2003, Nick Borukhovsky rallied four other 15-year-olds together after class in Streetsboro, OH, to start perfecting a new blend of metal, black metal, and thrash. Heavily influenced by As I Lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse, and Unearth, they went through several name changes before settling on the name Forever in Terror (they were formerly 7th Plague and, before that, Theorum). After replacing several members, including their vocalist, Tim Felger, they decided on the permanent lineup of Chris Bianchi (vocals), Nate Marti (rhythm guitar), Josh Owen (bass), Johnny Burke (lead guitar), and founding drummer Borukhovsky. After finishing their self-titled demo in August of 2005, they recruited Neil Sheehan from HM Management to shop the CD to several labels, and that October they learned that the home of many of their favorite bands, Metal Blade Records, was interested in having them join its roster. Before any of the members had turned 18, they were enlisted in the same ranks as their heroes. After an extensive promotional U.S. tour in the summer of 2006, they attended classes until winter break, when they entered Cleveland's Track Six Studios with their original producer, Don Debiase. A month later, in February of 2007, the album Restless in the Tides was completed and the bandmembers toured to support the album on weekends as they finished attending high school. ~ Jason Lymangrover

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