14 Songs, 38 Minutes


About Poutníci

The sounds of bluegrass and acoustic country music have been brought to Eastern Europe by Czechoslovakia-based band, Poutnici. Led by acoustic bass player and vocalist Jiri Pola, who joined the band in 1981, the group continues to mix original tunes with Czech translations of songs by Lester Flatt, Bill Monroe, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and Gordon Lightfoot. The recipients of "best non-American bluegrass record of the year" awards from the American Organization for the Preservation and Development of Bluegrass Music in 1989 and 1990, Poutnici has toured in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Poland.

Poutnici has undergone numerous personnel changes since its inception in 1970. The original band, featuring Frantisck Linharek, Josef Svlak, and Miroslav Korman, remained together for a little more than two years. Svlak left in 1973 with Korman following in 1976, Linharek remained with the band until 1991. As of 2000, the group features Pola; twelve-string guitarist, vocalist, and a member since 1972 Zdenek Kalina; guitarist Miroslav Hulan; mandolin and fiddle player Honza Maca; and banjo player Petr Brandejs. ~ Craig Harris