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Velmi vydařené album!


Propojení elektroniky, rnb a popu! Jednoznačně TOP CD. O koncertu ani nemluvě! :) Ať vám to hraje!

About Toxique

A Czech Republic-based retro-pop/soul band, Toxique played their first show in 2007, and were soon asked to perform in the Czech Eurosong Contest of that same year. Harnessing the mood and swagger of such influences as Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Moloko, and Morcheeba, Toxique formed under the aegis of keyboardist Viliam Béres, who brought fellow musicians guitarist Patrick Karpentski, bassist Jan Lstiburek, and drummer Roman Vícha together and capped it all off by offering the lead vocal spot to the talented singer Klára Vytisková. The band made waves right from the start, and although Toxique failed to qualify for the European final of the aforementioned song contest, the band decided to keep on working, releasing the debut album Toxique in February of 2008. ~ Chris True

    Prague, Czech Republic

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