All the Pretty Horses

Led by transgender, performance artist S. Grandell, using the moniker Venus DeMars, All The Pretty Horsesis a quartet, blending the influences of artists such as David Bowie and Sex Pistols with a dose of heavy, guitar rock and outrageous costumes, into a self-described style called "dark-glam." Based in Minneapolis, DeMars formedAll The Pretty Horses in 1995 with drummer Bill Baileyand bassist Ed Ford. Their self-title debut was issued later that same year, after which Baileyleft to be replaced by Matt Bachelor for their second album, Queens And Angels,which also saw the addition of backup singer Jonnycakes. A failed record deal with a German label led to the band re-evaluating the need to do serious roadwork, at which point Bailey and Batchelor left the fold. DeMars put together a touring band that included drummerJendeen (from local outfit Wolverines) and occasional-substitute bass player Pandora, as well as several go-go dancers who served as backing vocalists. The new unit released a third All The Pretty Horsesalbum, Ruin. By 2002,Eden Taylor had joined the band on bass, as the band continued to tour and record. ~ Tom Demalon

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