Calvarium is a black metal project from Finland, whose total dedication to pursuing a blasphemous mission naturally demands that they obey the gospel of Satanism in all its nefarious forms, and dress in corpse-paint, leather, spikes and bullet belts. Guitarist and bassist Veilroth (also Behezen, ex-Alghazanth) and drummer Lord Sargofagian (of Baptism, Satanic Warmaster, etc.) founded Calvarium and recorded the "Dungeons of Hate" demos in 2001, but were soon joined by another veteran of the local scene, Molestor Kadotus (Anal Blasphemy, Trotzreich), as vocalist. Now complete, the trio continued to work on more demos until finally compiling enough recorded material for an album called, evocatively enough, The Skull of Golgotha, which they unleashed in early 2004 through independent Dynamic Arts Records. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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