Chitlin' Fooks

A mystifyingly named duo of Carol Van Dyk of the Dutch alternative pop group Bettie Serveert and Pascal Deweze of the Belgian pop group Sukilove, Chitlin' Fooks is a surprisingly strong take on American country rock of the Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris style that sounds nothing at all like either member's previous work. Backed by keyboardist Guy Van Nueten, bassist Pieter Van Buyten, drummer Stoffel Verlackt, pedal steel player Jeff Marinus, and violin and mandolin player Reinhard Van Bergen, all veterans of the Antwerp music scene, Van Dyk and Deweze released their new project's self-titled debut in July 2001. A second full length outing, Did It Again, arrived in January of 2003, broadening their sound to incorporate their other influences besides vintage country. ~ Stewart Mason

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