Dieter Nuhr

A German comedian, cabaret artist, and former visual artist, Dieter Nuhr began hitting the stages in Germany in 1987, and went professional -- that is to say, full-time, eschewing his work as the aforementioned visual artist -- in 1992. He released his first album, Nuhr am Nörgeln, in 1994, and in addition to a number of television appearances, made quite a name for himself as a wiseacre-style comedian. Nuhr Weiter So followed in 1996, Nuhr Nach Vorn in 1998, in 2000, in 2002, and Ich Bin's Nuhr in 2004. All of his album titles have been wordplays (Nuhr being a play on "nur," which means "just" or "only" auf Deutsch), including his 2007 release Nuhr die Wahrheit. ~ Chris True

    Wesel, Germany
  • BORN
    29 November 1960

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