Sara Montiel

Talented actress and popular music singer Sara Montiel (born Maria Antonia Alejandra Abad Fernández), better known as Sarita Montiel, became one of the first sex symbols from Spain to attract Hollywood's attention with her captivating performances. In 1943, Sara Montiel started getting involved in show business after winning a new talent contest sponsored by a local filming company. Her debut came after playing a role in the movie Te Quiero Para Mi, directed by Ladislao Vajda. However, the newcomer's breakthrough came in 1948 with the successful Locura de Amor. In the early '50s, Montiel settled in Mexico and began her singing career while working along with Pedro Infante, Manolo Fábregas, and Agustin Lara, among other prominent local artists. In 1954, the acclaimed actress had the opportunity to work along with Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster in the making of Veracruz. Montiel rose to Latin music stardom with the release of El Ultimo Cuplé (aka The Last Torch Song) movie soundtrack. During the 1970s, she toured the world leading celebrated musicals such as Saritísima, Increíble Sara, Super Sara Show, and Doña Sara de la Mancha. Sara Montiel died on April 8, 2013 in Madrid; she was 85 years old. ~ Drago Bonacich

    Campo de Criptana, Spain
  • BORN
    10 Mar 1928

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